We all know the feeling. You’re driving through your neighborhood and you pass your neighbors’ beautiful, lush, green, perfectly manicured yards and you think, “How do they keep their grass that green all year?”

Your neighbors have probably invested in a lawn fertilization program with a lawn care company, or else they’ve somehow figured out how to fertilize the yard themselves. In either case, after driving past their perfect yards day after day you’re probably wondering, “Should I invest in a yard fertilization program?”

That’s a great question! Everybody’s yard is different, but generally fertilization is a great investment for any lawn – and it never hurts. 

Here are a few practical benefits to investing in a lawn fertilization program. If you want these things for your yard, then you’ve answered your own question! Lawn fertilization is indeed a worthwhile investment.


This is an important benefit of lawn fertilization if you have a yard that has been damaged by weeds, disease, insects, or a lack of water. And it’s ok if you can’t afford to install an irrigation/sprinkler system. Fertilization will still help your grass recover from water loss.

Fast Growth

When it comes to grass, growth equals quality. The faster your grass is able to grow, the faster it will reach a point of optimum durability and color. Fertilization helps boost the natural growth process of your lawn so it can achieve optimum quality in a much shorter amount of time.


Fertilization shouldn’t be a matter of sacrificing quality for beauty. A good fertilization program will increase your lawn’s immunity to weather, disease, insects, water loss, and dozens of other potentially harmful environmental conditions. A well-fertilized lawn also takes up available yard space, which leaves significantly less room for weeds and other invasive plants.


The bottom line of all fertilization programs is that they make your yard the envy of your neighborhood. Good fertilization will transform withered, sparse, dying grass into a picturesque, beautiful paradise – enough to make your neighbors jealous.

If you want to transform your lawn into a beautiful, lush paradise – enough to rival your neighbors’ – then lawn fertilization is definitely a worthwhile investment. If your yard is constantly struggling to overcome insects, weeds, and other limiting factors, then lawn fertilization is definitely a worthwhile investment.
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