Droughts can wreak havoc on beautiful lawns, turning those lush greens into dead brown shades. They often occur when the climate is arid and there is little or no rainfall, leaving grass without the water it needs to thrive. This is especially upsetting to homeowners who have worked to create their dream lawn.

However, hope is not lost! Here are six tips for effective lawn care in a drought.

Lawn Care During Drought:

#1 Water your lawn correctly

Droughts occur when there are low levels of precipitation over a period of time. Watering your lawn in the early morning gives grass moisture that it can use throughout the day. This will help your lawn have the water it needs, even when it doesn’t rain.

Another benefit of watering in the early morning is that less water is lost in evaporation, since temperatures are cooler. It is also recommended to water once or twice a week for longer periods of time. This allows the water to effectively enter the root system, which gives grass a tremendous moisture boost.

#2 Aerate The Soil

If soil becomes too compact it can prevent water, oxygen, and fertilizer from reaching the roots of the grass. Aerating the soil promotes thicker turf, which improves the appearance of the lawn.

The best time to aerate soil, generally, is during the growing season (spring and fall). Usually fall aeration has more immediate benefits than spring aeration, but if you start early enough in the spring you can still dramatically increase your yard’s resilience against heat and dryness.

The most important thing to remember is to aerate early. If you start too late – in the summer, for example – you’ll likely worsen damages caused by a drought. Aesthetic Turf Solutions offers core aeration along with many other services for lawn drought treatment.

#3 Know Your Climate

Every region of America has a different climate, and with that comes both different lawn needs and lawn drought treatment. It’s important to keep up with the climate in your community to understand your lawn and be prepared for droughts.

If you are too busy to monitor the climate where you live, our lawn care service in Erie, PA can prepare your lawn and keep it healthy before and during a drought.

#4 Soil Testing

Your lawn needs nourishment both before and during a drought. However, if you fertilize with the wrong nutrients you may cause more harm than good!

With soil testing, you’ll find out the nutrient status of your soil and get a customized fertilization program to keep your lawn healthy. Get a quote today!

#5 Mowing Height

A key aspect of lawn care in a drought is encouraging root growth. Raising the height of your mower will encourage the roots to grow deeper, which will make the grass healthier and more able to withstand the drought.

Taller grass also shades the soil, keeping it cooler and helping the grass to retain more moisture.

#6 Smart Watering

Worried about your plants? There are many different techniques for keeping them watered and thriving. One effective option is soaker hoses.

Soaker hoses sit next to garden beds to slowly and consistently water your plants, ensuring they are properly watered despite the drought. These hoses are great for deep watering, since the hose rests close to the plants roots to maximize the amount of water reaching them.

Droughts can quickly turn your dream lawn into a desolate eye-sore if the grass hasn’t been prepared for it.

With these tips, and a little expert help from Aesthetic Turf Solutions, your yard can withstand even the driest droughts.